Game Rules

Betting game and awarding points

You can always submit game tips until before the start of the respective game. The evaluation of the games takes place always promptly after the end of the matchday.

The points are determined as follows:
Bet Points Explanation Sample
Exact result with risk tip 12 A risk tip is any tip where the number of goals is more than 4. The Probability that more than four goals are scored is low! And that's why risk-takers rewarded. Your tip: 4:1 - Result: 4:1
Exact result 9 You have accurately predicted the player bonus. Your tip: 3:1 – Result: 3:1
Excact Goal-Difference 6 Your tip is not exact, but the Tordiffernz is correct. Your tip: 2:1 - Result: 3:2
Corrent Tendency 3 You have bet on the right winner. Your tip: 1:0 - Result: 3:0
Your bet always refers to the result at the end of regular time or extra time.In the event of a penalty shoot-out, the result of the penalty shoot-out will not be taken into account, but the score at the end of extra time.
Example: You bet 2:1 -> The match ends in 90 minutes with a score of 1:1 and goes into extra time -> In extra time the match ends 2:1 -> You have bet correctly.

Special case of a tie
If two or more players have the same number of points at the end of the matchday or season in of the ranking list, the winner will be determined by deduction:

The positions are rated in the following order:
  1. Amount of point
  2. Amount of tips made (who has the same amount of points with less tips, gets a better ranking)
  3. Amount of corrent tips
  4. Who is most likely to have placed their last bet that day
In case of a tie, the player with the fewest tips and the most points wins. has made the most correct bets and is most likely to have made his last bet.

Pos Player Points Amount of tips Amount of correct tips Last bet made at
1 Player A 42 8 7 12.09.2017 14:01:15
2 Player B 42 9 8 12.09.2017 14:00:10
3 Player C 42 9 8 12.09.2017 14:00:30

All three players have 42 points.

Player A is first, since the 42 points with the fewest tips has reached (only 8 tips, instead of 9)
Player B and Player C they both scored 42 points and got the same number of tips. Nevertheless, Player B is second, as he gave up his last tip for this matchday 20 seconds earlier.


The prizes listed in the betting game are offered by the respective company and will be distributed to the best players if the company intends to do so.

Hint: Passioncode GmbH, Apple and Google are not sponsoring any of the prizes shown in this game. The organiser of betting game is responsible for the prizes.